Ms. Tee's family

May 1, 2013


Ms. Tee's  family have been using Tokyo Sukkiri for 8 months.

We interviewed how mother, and kids find "Tokyo Sukkiri"




“Slippery floor is dangerous for kids”

Q: Why did you choose eco-Showerlet?

Mother and Rika: I could not use the hand shower since it cannot adjust water pressure. Sometimes I get wet because of it. eco-Showerlet does not have such a problem.



Q: Did you know shower toilet before?

Mother and Rika: Yes, we knew it since we have used in some Japanese restaurant.


Q: How did you like hand shower?

Mother and Rika : Hand showers are not easy especially for children, I think.  The water pressure is too high to handle so that bathroom soaked with water very often. Besides, slippery floor is very dangerous for kids.


“Tokyo Sukkiri helps save time cleaning bathroom.”

Q: What do you think of the biggest merit of eco-Showerlet to those hand showers?

Mother and Rika: From my perspective, the biggest merit is to save time for cleaning bathroom.

Eco-Showerlet helps me a lot.


Q: Have you had any problem with eco-showerlet?

Mother and Rika: No.


Q: Please tell us what you feel when using eco-Showerlet.

Mother and Rika: It is very comfortable. My family like to go toilet more than before.



“I do not have to worry if kids mess the bathroom now.”

Q: Last but not least, please tell us your opinion.                            

Mother: I do not have to worry if kids mess the bathroom or not. It has no water leakage, and quality problem; it helps me to reduce my housework.


“ I like eco-Showerlet because it feels good!”

Rika: Mom will not scold me because of the sloppy bathroom anymore. And I like eco-Showerlet because it feels good!


Q: Thank you very much.


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