Laem Chabang International Country Club

January 24, 2014


A world famous golf club Laem Chabang International Country Club installed 57 units of Tokyo Sukkiri on February 8th, 2012. Today, we interview Ms.Kanchaleekorn, a Purchasing Manager at Laem Chabang International Country Club.



“For hand shower, it is difficult to adjust water pressure.”

Q: Why did you decide to introduce Tokyo Sukkiri to your golf club and hotel?

Ms.Kanchaleekorn: Today, we have a lot of customers from all over the world. As we would like our customers to have satisfactory experience, we decided to install eco-Showerlet to our hotel rooms and clubhouse.


Q: What do you think about using  a hand shower?

Ms.Kanchaleekorn: It is not easy to use for foreign customers, actually they do not know how to use it. Even they know how to use it, it is physically hard to use hand shower, and difficult to adjust water pressure.


Q: What do you think is the biggest merit of Tokyo Sukkiri compare to a hand shower?

Ms.Kanchaleekorn: We think it is the nozzles which come out once you turn the bulb to right under a bottom so that no need to lifting it up.


“ Their quick service always helps us.“

Q: In terms of maintenance, how do you like it?

Ms.Kanchaleekorn : Before we installed Tokyo Sukkiri, we were using hand shower. Then, there were some water leakage, and we had to deal with it. Today, we do not have such a problem.


Q: Tokyo Sukkiri has 1-year guarantee.

Ms.Kanchaleekorn : Yes, that is very helpful for us. Besides that guarantee, we like the maintenance service. Their quick service always helps us. Since they produce it within Thai, we do not have to wait for the spare parts for a month, which occurs often for other shower toilet brand, we heard.


Q: How do customers like Tokyo Sukkiri?

Ms.Kanchaleekorn: They like it very much.


Q: Thank you very much for your time today, Ms.Kanchaleekorn.


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