Mr. Hirose

January 24, 2014

Today, we would like to interview Mr. Hirose who frequently visits Thailand for golfing. This time, he stays at Laem Chabang International Country Club.
Q: Thank you for sharing your time with us. Is this your first time you use Tokyo Sukkiri?
Mr. Hirose: Yes, and I like it very much.
Q: We are glad to hear that sir.
Mr. Hirose: I think this is going to be a good business. This product, Tokyo Sukkiri does not use electricity, so the demand should be huge. I guess it uses less part, and it means less chances to have problems, isn’t it?
Q: Exactly. Tokyo Sukkiri is focused on essential function: washing.
Mr. Hirose: You do not have to have other functions at all, especially in Thailand.
Q: I have heard that you have been in Thailand quite a few times. Have you used hand shower instead?
Mr. Hirose: I had no clue how to use that thing. In fact, I thought that was for cleaning purpose. When I tried to use it, I soaked my clothes with water.
Q: I understand. Whereas Tokyo Sukkiri extends nozzle right under your bottom and clean. Besides that, controlling water pressure is also easy.
Mr. Hirose: I like that very much. Sometimes that function to adjust water pressure needs complicated procedure when it uses electricity. I like Tokyo Sukkiri when I can adjust water pressure by controlling how I turn the valve. Everyone can understand how to use this by intuition.
Q: Thank you.
Mr. Hirose: Some people use shower toilet not only for washing bottom, but also for stimulating their bowel movement.
Q: Yes.
Mr. Hirose: If they are get used to it, it is hard to bear without it. Since I have Tokyo Sukkiri this time, I have no stress, and can enjoy playing golf even more.
Q: Thank you very much for your time today.


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